The First Ever Biarritz International Virtual AA Convention is organised by the BAB Anglophone AA Group in Biarritz southwest France. It takes place online from Friday 22 to Sunday 24 January 2021. Biarritz is known as the Queen of Resorts and the Resort of Kings (thanks to visiting European Royalty in bygone days, and as the European and French Capital of Surfing. The Biarritz region is also known as France’s California. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the Convention.


1, What about on-site registration?
A. Online pre-registration/registration will be set up on the event website and will be open from now until the event takes place.

2, How much will registration cost?
The discounted pre-registration fee is €7.50 (euro) when paid online before 30 November 2020. After 30 November 2020 the online and on-site registration fee will be €10.00 (euro)

3. How much is registration for one day?
A. A special ‘One-Day’ registration fee amount of €6.50 (euro) is offered to attendees attending for just one day (Friday, Saturday or Sunday).

4, Must everyone register? I thought I didn’t have to pay to go to an A.A. event.
Registration is voluntary and we hope you will register to contribute to the overall cost of organizing the event. Attendance at this special celebration is voluntary and, as responsible A.A. members, “we pay our own way.” The First Biarritz International Virtual AA convention is paid for by those A.A. members who participate in it.

5, Can registrations be refunded?
A. No. There is a no-refund policy for registrations, however you may transfer a paid registration to someone else providing the organizers are so advised in advance by email.

6, Is the Seventh Tradition practiced?
A. Yes. the Seventh tradition is practiced at all Speaker Meetings, receipts go to AA GSO and may be paid via PayPal to babanglophonegroup@gamail.co and marked BAB Virtual Convention. After we cover expenses, all receipts go to AA GSO. Expenses are funded from registration fees and raffle ticket sales.

7, Can travel agents register groups or individuals?
A. No. Payments from travel agencies to register groups or individuals will not be accepted.


1, What is the general schedule for the Convention?
A. The convention begins on Friday evening and ends Sunday. Pre-event and post-event meetings are scheduled for early-birds and those who stay-over late.

2, Who are the Speakers?
A. All convention Speakers are long-time members of the program, with many years of recovery.

3, Is there a special “Invited Speaker”
Karen C. Ph.D., lecturer and facilitator of 12 Step workshops/presentations, AA & Al-Anon member since 1976 will share on “Double Winners”, and facilitate a 2 hour workshop / presentation “Tools For Living A Peaceful Life”. Karen is author of the successful recovery books “Each day a new Beginning”, “The promise of a New Day”, “In God’s Care”, among over 25 other books. She focuses on the development of spiritual growth and strengthening one’s twelve step recovery. More info here and at www.womens-spirituality.com.


1, Is it hot in Biarritz?
A. Winter is mild with great waves for surfing, all year round. It can be hot outdoors in the direct sun. Biarritz weather forecasts are available here We look forward to virtually welcoming you to Biarritz and to celebrating the First Biarritz International Virtual AA Convention – ‘Experience, Strength and Hope’ together!