Virtual One-Day AA Convention

First Ever Biarritz International Virtual One-Day  AA Convention

20th June 2020

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Guest Speakers: Katie P. & Charlie P.,
Austin, Texas, USA

Organized by the BAB Anglophone AA Group, Biarritz.

convention hotelBiarritz fronts on the Atlantic Ocean and has several beaches suitable for surfing.
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   An AA Event full of AA FELLOWSHIP,
AL-Anon & YPAA, Participation

Talented Speakers and workshop leaders





Big WaveBiarritz is known as the surf capital of France and Europe

Registration/Space Capacity is Limited.
Pre-Registration is recommended.

Experience Strength and Hope
Experience strength and hope means overcoming alcoholism and living a healthy and normal life. A lot of people share different experiences and what gives them strength and hope in their recovery journey. This has a huge impact on newcomers, and those already in recovery. and to the person sharing their own experience Read More… 

Why Virtual
The  2020  annual Biarritz International convention is victim of the COVID-19 Virus, Uncertainty dictates the date or even year we may next hold the event until such time as COVID-19 testing and a vaccine are developed. Given the great success of Zoom, local, national, and International AA meetings in Biarritz and worldwide the BAB Biarritz AA Group has adopted the Zoom platform and will host the first ever Biarritz International Virtual AA Convention on 20 June 2020. Read more…

How to participate (HOW It Works)
First requirement is, voluntarily register/pre-register online. The second requirement is to have the login link/s at hand. No password is required. As you login you will undergo confirmation you are a registrant. Registered attendees only enter meetings, workshops, and events. Read more…


The scheduled agenda for the event starts with online pre-event meetings beginning Friday and continuing through the weekend. Post-event meetings take place Sunday evening to Tuesday at 15h30. Registration covers all meetings. Capacity is limited, to only those who are registered. See agenda here


BIARRITZ is the only surf town in the world with a royal history, it is located on the Atlantic coast in the French Basque Country in southwestern France 22 miles from the border with Spain. It is a seaside tourist destination known for the Hôtel du Palais, its casinos, and its surfing culture. Read more…

walk on Beach

Special Invited Speakers
Katie P. & Charlie P., from Austin Texas are both awesome speakers with a powerful message, as practitioners of a disciplined program of recovery that has influenced and motivated many, they have facilitated many workshops. Visit the website and hear their previous workshops as well as many other inspirational speakers. Read more


The First International AA Virtual (Zoom) Convention held in Biarritz, southwestern France takes place on Saturday 20 June 2020. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the Biarritz International AA Virtual (Zoom) Convention. Read more…


Registration fees
Pre-registration €7.50*/person until 10 June 2020 (recommended).
Registration €10.00* per person after 10 June 2020. (online only)
One Day (Saturday or Sunday meetings only) Registration €6.50 (online only).
All registrations online for the event to be paid via PayPal or bank card  in euros.

Payment: How It Works
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The First International AA Virtual (Zoom) Convention base overlooks the Atlantic ocean, surfing beaches and is close to many great golf courses, the local farmers market and shopping area.

Visit us
The Biarritz Tourism Office is well organized, and experienced in catering to convention attendees. Ready pre-programmed tours and excursions to the region are available on short notice. Read more…


Weather and Surf forecast – Biarritz – Grande Plage
Weather and Surf forecast – Biarritz – Cote des Basques

celebrateSubject to the lifting of Coved-19 travel restrictions we Look forward to seeing all face-to-face (real) convention attendees in Biarritz in 2020 or at the next feasible date. We Look forward to seeing you virtual or real in 2020.